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Our raw hair collection is collected directly from the temples of India. After collected, it is washed and made to weft. All hair will be naturally straight at first. The hair is then processed to high temperature steam into the patterns desired like wavy, curly and so much more. 

Raw Indian Wavy

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Wavy is beautiful raw Indian texture. It has a soft loose wavy look to it. LoyalTee Hair lasts up to a year with the proper care and can be colored, straighten, cut and curled. Natural brown hair color of each donor, some gray hairs may be present. Each weft is comprised of natural single donor hair, as such texture will vary. Hair is measured when the hair is pulled straight straight. Weight: 4oz per bundle 

  • Gently wash the hair with mild shampoo. Rinse shampoo out, then begin to condition the hair. While the conditioner is in the hair, gently brush through it with a wire brush.


    For the best results, let conditioner sit for 5 minutes. Rinse conditioner out, then let hair air dry to get its natural texture. After its dry, you can then use the hair for the style you desire. Cutting of the wefts is not recommend.

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